Today we got a short teaser for the upcoming Super Mario Bros trailer in the form of a plumbing services commercial.  


It starts by introducing us to a company called SMB Plumbing and we quickly see that it’s the 2 brothers we know and love.  The plumbers have been cleaning pipes since the 80s.  

And speaking of the 80s, the song is taken directly from the old Sumer Mario Bros TV show of the same name. It looks like this movie is going to be filled with easter eggs and nods to the history and legacy of the game in pop culture.  


The commercial ends with a call to action complete with their number and their website.   So of course we did both and here is what we found.   The website is just full of nostalgia even being formatted like web 1.0 websites from that time.   

If this was a real company, this is exactly what their site would look like.  

We also called the number that is listed in the ad. Listen to what we heard in the full review video (above)


That’s the Super Mario Bros Movie Trailer. Needless to say that we will keep an eye on this film and we will bring you all of the nerdy details as we get them.   For now, go ahead and hit the like button and get subscribed so you don’t miss any of it.  

For BlueBox NERD, I’m Anthony Rivera signing out.  Stay Nerdy!

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