Disney’s Wish (2023) Trailer BREAKDOWN

Disney is on a roll with animated movies and today we got a trailer for one of the most unique animated movies they’ve ever made.  Wish has a unique style of animation that looks like an illustrated children’s book coming to life.  The art style combines computer animation with Disney’s classic watercolor style and it looks STUNNING. 

In this video, we’re gonna dive deep into this new look for the studio as well as the unique story that goes with it.  


The trailer begins with a beautiful skyline of the Kingdom of Rosas which looks a lot like the town in Frozen. This will be a theme with this trailer as it looks like they take ALOT from other Disney movies.

We get introduced to the 2 main characters Asha, voiced by Ariana DeBose, and her goat friend Valentino voiced by Alan Tudyk.

Here we see the king’s court and on the floor, we see some astrological signs which tell us that they look to the stars for guidance and as we learn, wish fulfillment.

And then we meet the villain. King Magnifico, voiced by Chris Pine. He is the sole keeper of the wishes of the people of the Kingdom.


So she turns to the stars for help and gets an unexpected visit from one of the stars

Lumalee from Mario Galaxy! Just kidding

There’s not much more known about the plot but from what we’ve seen, it looks like it will be another fun family-friendly musical comedy that will have you humming new catchy music and inspiring the young generation to keep dreaming.

Wish will be in theaters in November and promises to be another strong contender in the year of some great animated films.

What did you think of the new look? Did we miss anything in the trailer? Let us know in the comments down below.

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