The Flash (2023) Trailer EASTER EGGS

The DCU is making a comeback and it looks like it’s going to be EPIC.  After some controversy and almost scrapping the movie, The Flash has finally made it to theaters and we are psyched.  


DC just released the second trailer for The Flash and it’s full of easter eggs and hidden secrets so come with me as we dive DEEP into all the nerdy details from the trailer.  

The movie seems to be a loose adaptation of the 2011 Flashpoint crossover comic book event where Berry travels through different timelines and teams up with other DC superhumans.   It doesn’t seem to translate exactly as it did in the comic book but the major plot points are there.  

Since there are no metahumans in this universe, his mom lives but it leaves Zod unchecked to terrorize and cause chaos during the events of Man of Steel.

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