Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Trailer #2 (2023)

After the success of the first Miles Morales Spider-Man movie (Into the Spiderverse) it’s hard to think they could top it but it looks like they have done just that.  The new Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse trailer just hit and it looks like it will also be a love letter to the medium of animation and 2d art.   They have ALL of the Spidermen in one place.  Even the weird ones.  This video breaks down the trailer to find all the hidden easter eggs and references to hundreds of different Spidermen.

We start the trailer with Miles saying that he’s the one and ONLY Spiderman in Brooklyn and we see him swinging around the city in various parts of New York.  

The animation style has always been top notch blending 3D and 2D seamlessly, running at low frame rates so it looks more jarring to the eye which gives it a comic book feel to it, which is only complimented by the hundreds.   Literally hundreds of Spidermen in the trailer alone.  

Each in its own individual style and feel, all blended together seamlessly.   This one is going to give the Doctor Strange movie a run for its money

Spiderman Across the spider verse is set to his theaters on June 2nd, adding to a summer of animation as we’ve never seen before.   I’m working on a video about how animation is evolving and people are starting to see it as a valid medium of storytelling, so get subscribed so you don’t miss it.  

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Until next time, this is Anthony for BlueBox NERD signing out.   Stay nerdy!

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