Today we continue with Episode 3 of The Last Of Us. One of my favorite episodes of the series so far.

As always, we don’t spoil anything that will be upcoming in the story but we will be discussing the episode scene by scene so if you haven’t seen episode 3 yet, this is your spoiler warning. 

This part was not in the game and I’m gonna say that now because this is part of Bill’s history that we never touch base in the game and I’m soooooo glad that we did here.   This is one of my favorite episodes of this season because it delves so deep into a character that for gamers it was just temporary, but here we get to see what he was really like.  It’s a tragedy, a triumph, an action love story like we’ve never seen portrayed on screen.   At least not like this.  

The story spans decades and, even though it’s a HUGE deviation from the game, we get some great filmmaking and storytelling. The outcome is still the same so the story keeps moving forward. Having been influenced and inspired by Bill & Frank’s story.

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